Kids Events

"Free the child's potential and you will transform him into the world"

Maria Montessori


A tailored dance/music experience designed to energise, inspire and increase cognitive functioning. Ideal for schools looking for alternative ways to motivate & integrate students/children. This is one MOVEment they'll love to be a part of.


Also Perfect for birthday parties. A unique experience designed to give your child their own personal journey through music. Let them choose their songs and themes.


"Matty arranged a sunrise birthday party for my daughter and her friend for their 11th birthday.


What an amazing experience from start to finish. Apart from the seamless plans and arrangements, the actual event was one in a lifetime. I have never seen such joy and pure excitement on these little girls faces. Matty is amazing with these children. They did not stop for 5 minutes; they danced for 2 hours solid. The music was outstanding and very age appropriate; the venue was one in a million.


It was good clean fun, something different and completely new to many girls. Matty was very professional and very accommodating. He was a pleasure to deal with and very organised. I will use his services at a drop of a hat. I would highly recommend using his services."


~Anthea Bottger

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